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    BBC News with Johnason Izaad.

    Johnason Izaad為您報道BBC新聞。

    A special advisor to the Gambia's new president Adama Barrow has said that more than 11 million dollars are thought to be missing from the state coffers following the departure of long-time ruler Yahya Jammeh. Miamada Faty told reporters in the Senegalese capital Dakar that financial experts were working to evaluate the exact loss. Luxury cars and other items were seeing been loaded onto a Chantien cargo plane on behalf of Mr.Jamey on Saturday night.

    岡比亞總統阿達馬·巴羅(Adama Barrow)一位特別顧問表示,自長期執政者葉海亞·賈梅(Yahya Jammeh)離任以來,國家保險箱超過1100萬美元失蹤。Miamada Faty在塞內加爾首都達喀爾告訴記者,金融專家正在評估準確的損失。周六晚上,人們看到奢華的汽車和其他物品被裝上代表賈梅的貨運飛機。

    The White House says it is in initial stage of discussions about moving the U.S embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. On Sunday,president Trump and Israili prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed by phone the Palestinian peace process and Iran. Mr.Trump says talks on re-negotiating the NAFT free trade pact will begin soon. He said it had already discussed the matter with the leaders of Canada and Mexico and process will also address border and security issuses.


    Tweleve hundred troops and five hundred fire fighters have joined the efforts to control Chile's worst forest fires in decades.The government has requested international help. President Michelle Bachele said Chile has practically exhausted its capacity to fight the blazes.

    1200名軍人和消防員加入了控制智利幾十年來最大森林火災的努力。政府已經請求國際援助??偨y米歇爾·巴切萊特(Michelle Bachele)表示,智利應付這場火災已經精疲力盡。

    Severe weather in the south of United States has left at least fifteen people dead and injured dozens more. A state emergency has been declared in Geogia where powerful storms ripped through some areas damaging homes and uprooting trees.Several of the deaths were in a trailer park.


    The Venezuelan president Nichlas Maduro has replaced the president of the Central Bank Nelson Merentes after weeks of delays in the introduction of new one-hundred banknotes. Delays in the praction of the notes has forced the government to postpone the measure several times.

    由于引入新的百元面額鈔票被延遲了幾周的時間,委內瑞拉總統馬杜羅(Nicolas Maduro)替換了中央銀行行長梅倫德斯(Nelson Merentes)。新紙幣的延誤迫使政府數次延遲該措施。

    And in the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament the host Gabon have been knocked out of the group stage.They were unable to be Cameroon in their final match.A result which sees the indomitable Lions to go through along with Burkina Faso who's been out 2-0.


    BBC News.